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We have a mission to contribute to the hemp movement by helping people activate a system in their body that can naturally help our bodies heal, and we do this with a premium grade CBD/CBG Hemp Oil that is unique to the industry.


If you are on this page you may be considering a change or adding to what you are doing now. Being a part of the Hemp Movement at this point in history can be considered very good timing. Opportunities to get involved in such a mission can be mentally rewarding and provides the potential to make substantial income for you and your family.


Earn 25% commission on customer purchases and 25% commission on first-time purchases from a new affiliate business partner. As you build a team of affiliate business partners you will earn many additional rewards. 


For just 39.00 you will receive a turnkey business. This affords anyone with a passion to be rewarded in the health and hemp industry a chance to do so.


  • A website that also includes sales tracking and training.

  • An app that allows you to access your website & back office but is filled with information that with a push of a button can be shared with anyone via text or email

  • Wholesale products to use, sample & distribute.

  • 8 ways to be compensated

Whether you are a business offering educational events for your clients while earning additional revenue or an at home mom or an entrepreneur looking to take advantage of this timing, we have solutions for you to educate and grow with this opportunity.


Invite friends/family/co-workers and other interested parties to events in the area that are hosted by our affiliate business partners or by the business owner themselves. Participants will be informed on how this oil can make a difference in their health, sample the oil and even find out how they can build a business with this opportunity.  These events are also held live online.


Sharing our mission person to person over a cup of coffee really helps people connect with you and allows you to review the presentation alongside them, introducing them to the oil, maybe even offering a sample.  Then for some, building a team with you will feel right and contributing to people’s health, while being rewarded financially.

3-Way Calls

While you are learning the ropes, our seasoned affiliates will assist you on 3 ways calls with prospects that want to understand this rewarding opportunity at another level.  


Gather friends at your home or a coffee shop to sample our life-changing products, sharing why it works.  An evening of fun and education. Also connecting people to our mission that allow anyone with the passion for change to build a business in the hemp industry.  Invite friends or business owners to host a social too!


Ready to join our mission to live wellness & create a lifestyle? 

Have a question? 

Give us a call  800) 762-5037 or send us an email at

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