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Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

Crystals are not only beautiful, but they have been known for centuries for their healing benefits. They are used in crystal therapy, medicine, meditation, spa centers, home decors and jewelry. Each of them has its own frequency and vibration and are even linked to each one of the chakras in our body – they are divided by color and purpose. Crystals are effected by negative energy just as humans are because again they have their own vibration and frequency. Just as we need to cleanse ourselves through, meditation, prayers, intention and spending time letting go, our crystals need to be cleansed too. So, in caring for your crystals, cleanse them as often as you feel necessary. You can do this many different ways here are a few suggestions, put them in the sunlight or set on a piece of selenite, by intention, the light of the moon, there are many suggestions, so choose what works for you.

How to pick the right crystal for you?

Although a lot of people choose crystals just by reading the description on their benefits, I am a big believer that perfect crystal for you is the one you choose intuitively – just go to the nearest store or look at pictures online and listen to what your heart is telling you. The one you pick with your heart is the one you need, and sometimes that can be the crystal for letting go of anger or sadness, gaining trust, or just raising positive thoughts. I also enjoy eye tracking, where you look at a variety of crystals in a store and pay attention to what grabs your attention and where your eyes go, it’s almost as if the rest are blurred out, that is the one! Then read the description and it may give you an idea of what is coming up for you to notice, work on or accept.

If you are new to crystals, maybe just start with your Zodiac Sign.

Whether you want to buy a crystal for yourself, or just want to buy one as a gift to your loved ones here are some basic steps you need to do:

Learn about your Zodiac sign or a Zodiac of your loved one:

• Take a look at the crystals that are suitable for specific Zodiac sign and intuitively pick one or more from the crowd. Once you do that, learn about their healing and energy specifications, and hold it in your hand for a few minutes. Calm your mind and focus on your energy and the energy of the person you want to surprise with this gift – feel if the one you picked makes you feel anything. If you don’t feel anything try with another crystal.

Crystals that correspond well to each Zodiac sign

Crystals for Aries
Aries energy is associated with raw power, survival instinct, and sometimes impulsiveness. Aries is a sign of new beginnings, and if you want to ground your energy for balance, perfect crystals for you are: • Carnelian • Garnet • Red Jasper • Ruby

Aries energy is associated with raw power, survival instinct, and sometimes impulsiveness. Aries is a sign of new beginnings, and if you want to ground your energy for balance, perfect crystals for you are:

• Carnelian

• Garnet

• Red Jasper

• Ruby

Taurus energy is more relaxed and comfort-oriented. They are more focused on stability when it comes to love and money, so it corresponds well with:

• Rose Quartz

• Tiger’s Eye

• Malachite

• Emerald

• Agate

Gemini energy is their communication skills. They are friendly and thrive in knowledge and outdoor activities. Perfect crystals for them are:

• Calcite

• Apatite

• Aquamarine

• Rutile Quartz

Cancer people are family oriented, intuitive, sensitive and emotional. They love to spend time at home because the family is the center of their world. They are heart-warming and loving souls, but they have the tendency to ups and downs emotionally due to their vulnerable nature, so the perfect crystals for them are:

• Moon stone

• Selenite

• Rhodochrosite

• Freshwater Pearl

Leo's always command a room, Leo energy corresponds well with abundance. If you want to attract more money and social status, perfect gemstones for you are:

• Citrine

• Topaz

• Sun stone

• Pyrite

Virgo energy is more focused on analyzing and being practical. They are good workers and team players, but more rational then emotional, so the crystals that corresponds good with them are:

• Opal

• Agate

• Sardonyx

• Chrysocolla

Partnership oriented, and always trying to keep balance and harmony in their relationships. Generally are creative and have a good taste in music and theatre, and responding well to these stones:

• Sodalite

• Sapphire

• Jade

• Lepidolite

Scorpios are often mysterious people because their true feelings run so deep and they keep their emotions hidden. They also like to uncover things under the surface of others and are very intuitive When they do not have a positive outlet for self-expression, they often turn inwards and become destructive. In order to maintain positivity and to transform energy in difficult times, the perfect crystals for them to use are:

• Amethyst • Tourmaline

• Ruby • Smokey Quartz

Eternal travelers and writers, optimistic and rebellious minds that seek for the greater knowledge. If you want to give them clarity and prosperity buy them:

• Azurite

• Clear Quartz

• Lapis Lazuli

• Turquoise

Reserved and career oriented, Capricorn energy sometimes could be hard to handle. In order to give them warmth and love and to let them open up about their emotions, surprise them with one of these stones:

• Onyx

• Hematite

• Magnetite

• Carnelian

Radical minds, cosmopolites and humanitarians. Help them embrace diversity and spread it easily to the others with the help of:

• Fluorite

• Labradorite

• Amazonite

• Amethyst

Pisces energy is connected with the Divine and is more empathetic than the other Zodiac signs. To help them connect with the Angels and Spirits, give them one of these crystals:

• Kyanite

• Rainbow Aura

• Celestite

• Blue Calcite


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