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Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life

Journals can be used for so many things:



Dreams and Visions


And the list goes on!

Journaling for me is an outlet, I call it the book of my soul, an open door to share with myself my feelings, struggles, achievements, and dreams. I also record my meditations and put them on paper and then go back to relive that time I spent so deeply in & with spirit and what that taught me. I use journaling to physically feel the release of guilt, shame, anger & self-doubt, dissipating the energy of that emotion from my body as the pen hits the paper. I see my growth, through recording my struggles, I see patterns in my life I need to break through, I also see my victories as I grow stronger in my faith and in myself.

Give yourself this gift, watch the beauty that unravels in the depth of your words on paper, feel the energy of the emotion behind what you are recording. Learn from what you have recorded, spend time in spirit and record what you saw, felt, heard, and always-always-always include your dreams because thoughts become things and even stronger when written with ink!

Journaling encourages us to turn the outside world off, just spending time with ourselves. Do this and you might just find out how awesome you really are!

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