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The Spiritual Side of Sedona

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What are my dreams – or, did I ever have any?” or “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” then you are not alone. After a lifetime of being everything to everyone else, there is always a point where we poke our head out of the hole of our sleepwalking life and begin to ask ourselves, “Who am I besides the roles I play?” Could life be less about sticking with what we’ve always done and more about doing what brings us joy? Less about safety and more about taking on a new passion or revisiting one we lost along the way? Or about seeing, possibly for the first time, how precious time is and how quickly it’s moving?

I remember asking myself many of those questions prior to a decision I made years ago to hop on a plane and spend 4 days by myself in the mountains of Sedona. My life was different after that trip, I had the answers I was looking for and began a journey, while not easy, brought me to the most fulfilling life I live now.

Experience the unique opportunity of stepping back from your day-to-day busyness and getting clarity on the person you were born to be. Set your goals, go after them and don’t be afraid to experience a part of yourself you haven’t encountered before.

Sedona has long been regarded as a place both sacred and powerful. It is often called a cathedral without walls. People travel from all across the globe to experience the mysterious cosmic forces that are said to emanate from the red rocks. They come in search of the vortexes.

A vortex is the funnel shape created by the motion of spiraling energy. The vortexes in Sedona are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. They characterize Sedona as a retreat of a spiritual power center. Vortexes are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration.

Sedona didn’t become America’s new-age capital until the 1980s, but it was there where spiritual energy was at its highest point, where you could tap into the frequencies of the universe, where you could, by closing your eyes, start to change your life.

It’s not just the landscape with juniper trees, red cliffs and mesas rearing up against a crisp and empty sky. Sedona has no major churches, no relics, no established holy sites. But what it does have are “vortexes” – a series of unmarked points around Sedona’s various cliffs that locals and visitors alike inspire with new-age significance. The new definition of vortex points to supernatural events, spiritual super-centers, and unexplained phenomena. Examples of this type of vortex can be found at Stonehenge, the Himalayas, the Giza pyramids, sites of the Incas in Peru and in U.S, where the most popular is located in Sedona, Arizona with the four best known and well-documented locations of Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Boynton Canyon, each radiating its own particular energy. But there are many more. Sedona is covered with vortexes, which have been detected and measured through dowsing. Sedona sediment is limestone and sandstone, ideal canvases for petroglyphs left behind by an ancient culture. Sedona enthusiasts believe the red mounds and mountains are harbingers of energy vortexes. People sit atop these rocks and mountains to practice meditation and prayers. Some vortexes in the area are said to create a vortex where time stands still.

As a result, Sedona has become a haven for spiritual guides, healers, psychics, massage therapists, energy and body workers, reiki masters, yoga classes, shamans, mediums, clairvoyants, and channelers, all of whom are here to help visitors find the spiritual and healing experience they are after.

Vortexes will always be magical places to many, regardless of what science proves or disproves and they will certainly offer a chance to cross over into peaceful spiritual dimensions and awe-inspiring landscapes such as those vortex spots in and around Sedona, Arizona. I experienced this for myself and will forever be grateful for this magical land that set me on a journey to discover myself!

Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life? Experience the unique opportunity to step back from all of the noise and gain clarity on the person you were born to be. Join us for Lost & Found In Sedona Retreat Feb 24th-28th and experience the magic!

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