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Lost  & Found in Sedona


To Rise and Rediscover Your Purpose!

Do you find yourself wanting more from this life? Are you questioning your job, relationships, purpose or SELF? Do you feel like it’s time for something more, something bigger, something better? Is it finally time for you? If so, we invite you to join us on A Meditative Spiritual Journey to bring you back home to YOU! Come rediscover your purpose, connect with the highest part of yourself and satisfy the need for change in your life! 

Dates: February 24-28th 2020 


L'Auberge de Sedona & Orchards Inn of Sedona

Your choice of accommodation – Double and Single Occupancy Available

Lost and Found in Sedona

-What to expect-


A chance to be still, revive your soul, expand your intuition, release your fears, discover bravery, and claim your place on Earth!

We join one another each day in the Magical Creekhouse below the red rocks of Sedona, finding peace with the rush of the stream. This is our home base throughout our spiritual journey and we will meet here each day for much of our time together. 


  • On day one you will meet your fellow participants and acknowledge a sense of knowing between everyone attending.  Everyone who comes to Sedona understands, and they feel just as you do. They are here for the same reasons – to become free, feel more alive than ever before, and experience a transformation.  The unity that we form in the first day is important as the days ahead will be emotional but powerful reminders of our bravery and fearlessness. Each person in the group brings forth their own personal experience and with that, we support each other as we grow and change together.  You will feel your spirit lift and your intuition soar. Our goal is that by the end of this journey the meditative and holistic tools you amass will leave you feeling connected with your path in life.  You will find that your time spent with us in Sedona will allow you to navigate life effortlessly with a spirit of excitement for what has yet to unfold. 


Daily Sample Schedule

  • “Rise With the Sun” each morning in gentle flow yoga for all levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced)

  • Soul to soul workshops to make each beautiful day memorable in its own way 

  • Meditation at one of our relaxing meditative locations (creek-side or perched on one of the stunning red rocks of Sedona)

  • Other Uplifting Spiritual Activities as we set out to discover more of what Sedona has to offer!

  • Hikes into the vortex, raising our vibrations to their highest levels as we YES to letting go!

  • Self-development & Spiritual workshops 

  • Discussions and meditations to strengthen your connection to spirit and your divine guidance

  • Feelings of gratitude as you journey through the mountains, connecting and communicating with nature and all it has to offer

  • Fireside ceremonies – Give to and Receive from the unseen

  • Fun surprise activity of course!

  • Free time each day to reflect or explore Sedona

  • Sharing, healing, and building relationships with others as we enjoy heart-centered meals together

  • 5 days of love and support! 

What’s Included?


5 full days at L’auberge de Sedona or sister property Orchards Inn Sedona

Yoga, Meditation, Self-improvement and personal spiritual development workshops & activities. * When off property, transportation is included.

All Workshop & Materials

10 full meals and additional snacks including fireside smores, tea, and coffee! (Only meals not included are those purchased during your free time exploring Sedona)  

What is not Included?

Your roundtrip airfare from home 

Shuttle service from Phoenix airport to Sedona

Souvenir shopping or other personal expenses

Meals purchased during your free time 


Retreat Host

Melissa Wilhelm

Owner of Avana Healing

Founder of the Holistic Health & Spiritual Expos

Holistic Nutritionist

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Yoga Instructor & Meditation Coach

Spiritual Coach & Intuitive Healer


We are under construction all the time, we are beings of change, and when we don’t answer our souls call to change, we can feel afraid, angry, resentful, anxious, and sad.  The relationships around us suffer, leaving us to feel unsafe and unsupported. 

It may be time to leave a job that is no longer fulfilling! Or to make a change in a troubled relationship, even if it means letting go.  Other times, we feel the need to forgive or ask forgiveness of those we have hurt or been hurt by.  You may feel ready to deal with a difficult loss and allow that the healing to begin.  

Regardless of the change, you seek in your life, you will be taken care of during your journey, as this process can be emotional and occasionally overwhelming


By allowing yourself to unplug for 5 days, together we will peel back layers that required healing.  You will allow a deeper connection with Spirit & your guidance that will leave you feeling stronger and braver as you remove obstacles from your path and reclaim your purpose....because it’s your right and the reason why you’re here! 


My wish for you on this retreat is that you receive what you need the most at this time in your life.  That you were brought to this retreat, in this sacred place because it was divine timing, and that you feel safe being vulnerable and brave, that you find your special connection to all things here and in spirit, that you allow, that you let go, that you grow, and in the end find the woman that has always been there waiting to be seen. 

Lost and Found in Sedona
 Join us for an awakening experience!

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