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Eating for the Soul in Sedona

Sedona is famously considered to be a vortex, a swirling center of energy that is conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration.

Sedona retreats nurture individuals who seek to heal the soul and find forgiveness, enlightenment, balance and inner peace. They also nurture your stomach and its wellbeing by offering options for all types of eaters from carnivores to vegans with a focus on healthy and creative dishes.

The town itself bustles with art galleries, expensive gourmet restaurants, organic coffee shops, hippie hangouts or wine bars.

Sedona is very eclectic in its cuisine, and you will find dishes from all over the world here. From ethnic fare to American to casual dining and fine dining to eating inside to alfresco, Sedona offers limitless options to satisfy all cravings. While some Sedona restaurants are highly regarded for their unique Southwestern cuisine, others are better known for offering fabulous views of the red rocks, and a few even feature a winning combination of both.

For regional southwestern cuisine, Mesa Grill is a favorite for its food and views from the airport mesa. Other favorite spots include historic Indian Gardens (top of my list when I am in Sedona!) and Cafe Paleo Brio, both perfect for the best healthy eats in town.

Indicative of the healthy and locally sourced ingredients demanded by many chefs in the eateries mentioned above, there is a growing trend toward mindful meals.

The area around Sedona has continued to expand, and those agricultural roots still run deep. In recent years, family-run farms continue to define the surrounding Verde Valley and have revolutionized the culinary scene. Local fruit, herbs and produce, trout pulled fresh from Oak Creek, and beef raised on nearby ranches have become menu mainstays. Seasonal ingredients allow chefs to innovate with new palate-pleasing dishes.

And if this is not enough for your plate, there is Sedona Community Farmers Market taking place in the creekside parking lot at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Sedona. The market aims to support local sustainable agricultural activity and increase the supply of locally grown food. Local food is not only fresher, but it also preserves genetic diversity, promotes energy conservation, supports local farm families, builds community and preserves open space. There is so much to do in Sedona, from the hiking, the jeep tours and shopping excursions at places like Tlaquepaque, a sprawling arts-and-crafts village on the city's south side to the beautiful food and wine tours.

Between heat-battled desert basins and soaring mountains, pockets of microclimates exist that echo some of the most famous wine regions of the world. Sedona occupies such an oasis. The Verde Valley's abundant sunshine and dramatic nighttime cool-downs, combined with fertile volcanic soil and a good water source create an ideal environment for hearty varietals.

Winemaking may seem like a trendy tourism wrinkle in Arizona, but it dates back to the late 17th century when Franciscan missionaries planted the first vineyards in the state.

Today, a handful of estate vineyards dot the hillsides just outside of town. Oak Creek inspires a lush greenbelt along the sloping flanks of House Mountain, and it's easy to forget that you're anywhere near a desert.

One of the beauties of the Sedona wineries, is they're all small production facilities. So what you experience are the passions of the winemakers.

Visit the vineyards and try the tasting rooms. If you're concerned about driving, several companies offer tours. You can travel by limo, jeep and even kayak. Local wines can be found in stores and on the menus of restaurants throughout the area.

Whether the reasons for your visit are to find spiritual wellbeing or to delight yourself with new gourmet experience, then Sedona is what you might be looking for.

My latest travels to Sedona has brought me to L’Auberge de Sedona. This amazing resort by the Creekside offers incredible food options, but my favorite is breakfast, from granola with mounds of fruit and yogurt to fresh Beet Juice Smoothie and fresh ground coffee you can smell before it even hits the table.

L’Auberge de Sedona is also the home for our Lost and Found In Sedona Retreat. This beautiful 5-star resort will be a part of an incredible 5 days! Join us to experience the incredible food that Sedona offers along with healing and magical experiences. February 24th - February 28th 2020.

Visit our website to learn more


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